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April 10, 2012
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TGB Flash by Lionstrikewhiskers TGB Flash by Lionstrikewhiskers

Name: Flash

Gender: Tom

Age: 2 Years

Tribe: Earthtribe (Green- Earth)

Rank: Miner

Breed: Bengal mix

Skills: Primary (Feel the Earth | Growing Plants 1 | Growing Plants 2 | Shift The Earth | Growing Plants 3 | These Long Vines | Raise | Shield Me)

Description: Flash has a tall langily build, he has extremely long legs and tail but is rather skinny and even in the spring or summer you can sometimes make out his ribs. His base coat is a ginger colour with a darker red gradient running from his back, also he has many brown tabby markings and spots along with a light cream underbelly. This tom also has short ears and four scars running along his cheek, given to him by Aujir in a fight against the Alliance for the rebellion. Finally he has icy blue piercing eyes.

Accessories: Flash being a miner wears a small pouch binded to his front right leg so he can store any small gems or other objects that take his fancy and more importantly a supply of a variaty of seeds incase he needs to use his powers in a fight. On his other leg, proudly sits his fathers braclet, a thick gold band forged by Firetribe and finally a large tooth hangs around his neck on a strap, which he believes to be a good luck charm.

Personality: Flash is always out for a laugh, he has a good humor and from time to time it leads him into trouble, which he is always keen to run away from, thank the spirits he's fast. Although he finds some of the most serious things delightfully amusing, when it comes to loyalty to his clan and friends this tom will be standing up to face anything. However, Flash trys to be polite towards cats he enjoys the company of, he will turn his nose up at any cat he dislikes, he won't be rude and tell them to go away, but will drop hints and glares telling them to back off. Finally, since the war has begun, Flash hasn't seemed to understand the dangers of hanging around near other tribes, especially watertribe, in hope of seeing certain cats, he would seem as laid back as ever but when it comes to a brawl Flash is usually the first one to unsheath his claws.

- Parents: Calhoun & Daisy
- Siblings: None

- Mate: None
- Kit(s): None

Brief backstory: Flash was born to a loner, Daisy, with the father of Calhoun, the fire-tribe deputy at the time. His mother bought him up for a moon before he and his father left to find fire-tribe, he can't really remember much of his mother or his time spent in the fire-tribe, partly by choice of his hatred of fire. His apprentice ceremony came around and the spirits sent him to Earth-tribe, the decision dampened Flash's own spirit, but none the less he respected this and was parted from his last known family member. However, once he had reached the Earth relms he understood that this could be the only place he would ever belong, his love and passion for life, which his father always told him was from his mothers side, was a common feeling around his new tribe-mates when before this had set him aside from the other kits. Next thing the young kit knew he was decreed a miners apprentice, the idea shook Flash, he wanted to be a warrior like his father, not stuck underground collecting "dumb pretty rocks" all day, but his curiosity and wonder took over him as he learned the ways of a miner. His large front paws became an asset and he grew strong, and not to mention up. Being so tall he often makes the tunnels larger, but one day this lead to a disaster, a wrong move lead to the mines crashing down. Burying the young tom alive, but help was on its way, fiercly Calhoun took a team of fire-tribers united with Flashs own tribemates to help dig his only son from the rubble. Yet Flash being as niave and as fearless as he is still carried on mining, captivated by the jewels that lay hidden in the earth.
As Flash began to grow older, he began to learn that there was more to life than just the saftey of his camp and home, his curiousity forced him to venture elsewhere, into Neutural lands. The prosperity of this excited the now adolescent and here he soon made friends, aquaintances and enemies from other tribes. Growing up, Flash had one she-cat he hated the most, her name was Mayu, she would taunt him and burn the trees that he cared about so much, angry they squabled but being a miner the young tom would never be able to fight back and win, but soon he learnt how to use his own powers and finally defeated this bully that had haunted his early seasons.
Next up on lifes agender for him was something nothing could prepare him for. Hormones had begun their work. Flash was turned into a cocky tom almost over night, struting through camp like he owned the place, but then came the she-cats. His first crush was his best friend Popular, a she-cat that was quite a bit older than him and already had her sights set on Twitch. Flash recklessly faced her each day, trying to muster up the courage to tell her how he felt, but each time he tried he just became speechless and hot with embarrassment, later, Popular told him about Twitch and how they were going to be mates, it broke the ginger toms heart and he spent many hours alone crying over it. Eventually he realised what an mouse-brain he was being and forced himself to move on, his play-mates encouraged him to go out and meet other she-cats, his cockyness turned into flirting as he met more and more young giggly cats to charm. But it came to point when all the consequences of his flirting came tumbling upon him at once, lately his knowledge of the other gender proved they adored gifts, one misty morning he bumped into a small fluffy pink-water, he swooned her with complements and gifts like usual, later he met another pink-water, named Vitani, he repeated the same process as before, departing with a tail ring for the she-cat, little did he know she was best friends with the fluffy kitten he had met earlier, who turned out to be named Kristla. The next time they met Kristla was angry at him, and herself for letting herself fall for his meaningless charm. Flash began to realise that everything had a consequence, he tried to comfort the kit, telling her he did mean that she was beautiful and it wasn't meaningless, he found though that the more he said it the more he believed it. Flash would like to believe it was fate that they kept bumping into each other after that, he gave up pushing for her to take the braclet he made for her back and let himself play and chat happily to his new friend, eventually it became an escape from the stresses at home, as winter that year edged closer their bond grew stronger until a looming disaster finally broke.
War was upon them. Icey tensions were formed as were the rebellion and the alliance. Split from many of his friends, Flash was forced to confide in his own camp more often, only venturing out in groups incase of an ambush. One day in particular Flash and a patrol trudged through the snow of Rabbits Forest, in search of food and instead encountered a group of Alliance cats, including Kristla, lead by no other than Aujir herself, for some reason Flash appeared to be a target for the crazed leader and they fought recklessly until he was the last Rebellioner standing, newly formed scars marked his cheek as he prepared himself for the final attack from Aujir, but we escaped, after Flash longed to apologise to Kristla for attacking her patrol, he was doing what he had to but he didn't get to see her, then it got worse. Tzurai retaliated to Aujir, and we destroyed water-tribes food resources and grew thorns in airtribe then took shadowtribes lands, then the light turned to Flash's side, on a visit back to his home when they had been living in fire-tribe he bumped into none other than Kristla, finally he forgot to apologise and they fell asleep nestled in each others fur, a warmth and affection spread between them, giving Flash hope for the future. The war was over soon after, no tribe won, too many cats were lost...


:bulletwhite: His orientation is staight
:bulletwhite: He hates Fire-tribe because he believes they destroy everything



:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletorange: Soulbond

:bulletred: Hate
:bulletblack: Aquaintance / Neutral
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good friend
:bulletpink: Crush / Love


:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Corvo
"My former leader, before he became leader though he was like a father to me some times, guiding me where he could. I know I can talk to him about any problems I have, but now he's moved into the elders den, I hope I can spend a lot more time with him again.

:bulletorange: / :bulletpink: - Ash
"I can't believe she's gone, when she was around I felt stronger and safer than ever, but now... I just feel I'm no longer whole, the way that I miss her is undescribable..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Nediki
"I love hanging around with this tom, he's great to tease- I mean have a laugh with, I'd like to get to know him better, he's clan-mate and all and I'm happy to have him by my side in battle..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Tundra
"My minning apprentice, I can't believe I even have one, but it turns out I have a little white she-cat to train... or try, she's always sneaking up on me! She's not the quietest cat though so usually I can get out of the way, oh joy to the moons ahead..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Fern
"Luckly I haven't had to see this cat too often, don't get me wrong! She's a really nice cat, but she's a healer and I hate being stuck in her den, but at least I know it wont be for long because she's such a good healer and I can count on her to fix me up..."

:bulletpink: / :bulletgreen: - Poplar
"Poplar, I admitt it, was my first crush. She was so beautiful, caring and kind, and still is. I was heart-broken when she told me about her and Titch, but I've learnt to accept this and move on, now we're the best of friends and if Titch ever breaks her heart, he'll have me to deal with..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Ari
"I met this guy quite recently, he's one of the newbies and I noticed him sitting alone in camp so I spoke to him, he seems a really genuine cat in need of a few friends..."


:bulletpurple: / :bulletpink: - Calhoun
"My father, I never really knew him that well after I left fire-tribe, because he died and all, but I've heard stories about him, and I'm so proud to be called his son. I miss him so much, he was the only family I had left, I just hope he still watches over me..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblack: - Tzurai
"I've only really spoken to the fire-tribe leader once or twice, I know they're meant to be destoryers and all, but for once I admire this cat, she understands everyone but is still brave and strong, she came to tell me about my fathers death and told me about him, for that I am very greatful, so I will always have respect for her."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Hawkeh
"I haven't seen this cat for awhile, but we used to bump into each other in the neutral territory and she'd stop fights between me and Mayu, she's a very nice genuine friend..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletred: - Nubou
"This cat is such a pain in the ass, I hate him, he insulted my mother when he didn't even know her. He's so selfish and careless, he doesn't mouse-tail about anyone but himself!..."


:bulletred: / :bulletred: - Aujir
"Oh spirits, I hated this cat, i've only met her twice, apart from at gatherings and each time i've fought her. She's crazy! You could tell she wouldn't stop until blood stained the ground, but now she's gone, I can hardly believe it...

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Lily
"I've met this she-cat once or twice, I almost killed her the first time, I thought she was water-tribe so I jumped out of her and she hit her head, I felt so guilty I sat with her in a hollow through out an entire snow-storm, we chatted for ages and now we're friends..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Vitani
"I've met this pretty she-cat a couple of times, I used to think there's something more, but maybe I just fell for her looks? I know she's a great friend and I know she will watch out for Kristla when I can't, even when she starts to snap, you know she's only try to do what she thinks is right..."

:bulletgreen: / :bulletpink: - Kristla
"This she-cat is definately one of a kind, she's so beautiful and a laugh to be around, I would be lying if I told you I don't treasure every moment spent with her... but now the wars going on, and she thinks it's best not to be together, but I promised to wait for her..."


:bulletblack: / :bulletred: - Ordelis
"I met this crafty tom face to face in battle, he was trying to get into the mines, there was no way I was letting him pass without giving him something to remember me by!"


:bulletblack: / :bulletred: - Cenek
"I met this guy once, in the dark. It was awful, have you ever bumped into a shadow-tribe deputy when you can barely see your paws? We fought, and taunted each other. But it was during the war, and for some reason I can't help but admire this white tom, I reckon we'd be a good set of friends..."

:bulletblack: / :bulletblue: - Damian
"This is Tzurai's son, he joined the rebellion part way through the great war, rumour has it he was kicked out of the alliance. I met him once, he seems like a nice genuine lad. I hope maybe we will become better friends in the future..."

Character (c) Me
TGB (c) *Tzurai
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